Camera Inspection

Your Local Provider of Sewer Camera Inspection in Charlotte, NC, and Neighboring Areas

Modern camera inspection technology provides an easy, reliable way to examine buried pipelines without the mess and hassle of excavation. The crew at Providence Plumbing of the Carolinas is skilled in using this cutting-edge technology to help property owners in Charlotte and beyond, and we're backed by more than a decade of dependable service throughout this region.

What We Check During Inspections

We use waterproof high-resolution cameras that allow us to look at the connections between pipe sections and to gauge the presence and extent of pipeline settling and corrosion. We can also see if tree roots, soil or other material is blocking the line.

Upon arriving at the property, we first locate a valve, clean-out, or connection to use for inserting the camera into the pipe. The camera transmits real-time images of the pipe's interior as it's pushed or pulled along the length of the line. Afterward, the camera is removed and cleaned and the entry point is closed.

Common Issues We Deal With

Our camera inspections are ideal for determining the exact causes of pipe blockages and back-ups so that they can be permanently resolved. Tree root damage, cracking and corrosion are all relatively straightforward to address once the issue has been properly identified.

A camera inspection gives us the opportunity to diagnose sewer line problems without extensive excavation and destruction of property. The entire process takes just a few hours from start to finish and is relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional sewer evaluation methods.

Benefit from More Than Accurate Inspections

At Providence Plumbing of the Carolinas, we build strong working relationships with our valued clientele. We also furnish prompt scheduling, first-rate workmanship, and courteous service. If you're concerned about the age or condition of your property's subsurface piping, turn to our skilled teams. We'll gladly deploy one of our sewer cameras at your location to get the information that you need right away.

Take the Guesswork Out of the Process

Contact our crew today to benefit from our accurate sewer camera inspection services. Call Providence Plumbing of the Carolinas or fill out the form to schedule an inspection with us. We look forward to working with you.