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Plumbing Considerations During a Bathroom Remodel

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When remodeling a bathroom, most homeowners only envision the end results in their mind. While this is inspiring, it is not very helpful when it comes to making the decisions that need to be made for your plumbing. If you intend to completely remodel your bathroom, you need to consider how you want to configure things such as the sink, toilet and shower. Seeking the advice of professional plumbing services can give you guidance on these issues but it is better to have a general idea for yourself.

The structure of your home is also an extremely important factor. If your home has a basement or crawl space, you shouldn’t have any major issues. If the foundation of your home is on a slab of concrete, plumbing repairs or services can be very expensive. The plumbing company will have to break through the concrete, redo the system and re-pour the concrete. When planning a remodel for a bathroom that sits on a slab, it is wise to budget for these factors.

You also need to consider pipe placement. There are times when pipes are placed on an exterior wall due to spacing or other configuration requirements. If you live in colder climates, this is usually not recommended. Pipes will usually freeze and burst which can create an emergency plumbing nightmare for a homeowner. If it is mandatory to have pipes placed near an exterior wall, make sure it has the right insulation to avoid this type of situation.

Other issues to consider when remodeling your bathroom include:

  • Choosing a drain size
  • Installation of your shower floor drain
  • Cabinet placement

The experienced plumbers in Charlotte, NC, from Providence Plumbing of the Carolinas are available to assist with configuration issues and ideas. If you are working with existing plumbing, it is best to work with us right away so we can help with the plumbing aspects of your remodeling project.

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