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Commercial and residential water heaters differ in their application and design. Providence Plumbing of the Carolinas provides a service that accommodates either type that you have. Your home needs water. Your apartment or any other commercial complex also needs running, hot water. There are three basic ways to keep your heated water coming in or to get it back. You need maintenance, repairs or installation.

Water Heater Services in Charlotte, NC

Our main objective is to make sure that your money is put to good use. Water heaters are reliable machines, but homeowners and building managers will encounter challenges at times. What you can do is get a better understanding of the options you have. Whether your unit is operating fine or seems to be losing its punch, consider these basic services:

– Inspections: It’s fine if all you need is for us to look at your unit. We do inspections as a way of maintaining your safety. The knowledge that we then gain helps us to guide you into the future solutions you need. Our estimations are free, so be confident when asking about what can be done.

– Maintenance: Maintenance provides the best results when you can set a routine schedule. Having a healthy, operating unit means that you only need to schedule maintenance once to twice a year. It’s that simple.

– Repairs: The simplest way to achieve a tankless water heater repair is to know your need for the service beforehand. This is the result of having routine maintenance. In any case, we answer to your emergencies with promptness and with a cordial team of technicians.

– Installations: The final condition we’re faced with is the need to replace your entire water heater. We do all that’s possible to avoid the cost of a brand new installation, but in some situations, a change is absolutely necessary. The good news is that there are exciting models being sold today.

Your Hot Water Heater

Deciding on the service you need is important in our work of making the home or your commercial building as cozy as possible. Let’s start with a clear understanding of how these units work. You are either in possession of a traditional water heater or something new that is no more than a boxed-sized appliance on a basement wall. Classic models call for a large tank to fill with water that is then heated.

Newer models are tankless and can heat water on demand. Both require special needs that we’re equipped to handle when you’re ready.

If You Have a Broken Hot Water Heater …

The signs of a broken hot water heater are simple if you just know them. Start with the concise list below. Check off any items that pertain to your situation or what you’ve experienced:

– A Unit’s Age Over 15 Years

– Rust Spewing Out

– Sounds and Loud Bangs

– No Hot Water

A water heater installation might be your best solution when you have more than one symptom occurring at a time. We’re prepared to offer tankless water heater repairs as well as repairs for traditional units.

Get in touch with Providence Plumbing of the Carolinas today. There are few comforts as welcoming as hot water. Getting your comfort back is only a matter of a quick phone call.

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