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As the saying goes, whatever can happen, will happen, and sometimes this means unexpected plumbing issues and possibly emergency plumbing repairs. Leaks can spring up in the most inconvenient ways, and plumbing concerns that you don’t know anything about can take you by surprise. When it comes to the more complex repairs, you need to find a reliable plumber in Charlotte, NC, because there are some plumbing problems that you can’t tackle on your own. These are some of the toughest plumbing issues that you may have to deal with:

Tree Roots

The growth of roots around your pipe can be a slow and unseen process. Because your pipes may be out of sight, you won’t know how far the roots reach or how much of the pipe they latch on. Consequently, you won’t have any idea how much damage the roots are doing to your pipes. Even if you have something in your pipes to chew away roots when they reach them, roots grow back and will try again until they see success.

Over time, tree roots can cause blockages, backups, and leaks. Once the problem becomes severe, you may need to dig up your yard to replace your pipes. You’ll need a professional to inspect your pipes as soon as you notice any signs of poor plumbing so that you can catch those roots before they become highly damaging.

Slab Leaks

You probably believe that if your pipes spring a leak, you’ll easily be able to spot this. This belief may be true if pipes in your ceiling or behind your walls leak, but the pipes underneath you tell a different story, mainly when your house sits on a concrete slab foundation. Water leaks underneath the concrete can slowly deteriorate the foundation of your home before you realize what’s happening.

Slab leaks often happen due to corrosion, reactions between the pipes and soil, temperature fluctuations, or excessive condensation. If you hear rushing water under the ground, see cracks on your baseboards, feel hot spots on your floor, and experience issues with water pressure, these may be indications you have a slab leak. Expensive equipment and professional knowledge is a requirement to tear up the floor and fix a slab leak, so this won’t be an issue you can easily tend to yourself.

Pipe Bursts

One of the most unexpected plumbing issues is a pipe burst, which is when the connection between two pipes comes undone, sometimes without warning. Pipe bursts can happen due to corrosion or poor installation, amongst other reasons, and will require professional plumbing services. You’ll need the area that took the most damage torn away so that the space between the walls or floors can reveal the source of the pipe burst, allowing us to prepare to repair it.

Call An Expert

Consult a top plumbing company in Charlotte, NC, that has the skills and techniques to provide outstanding plumbing repairs, for the toughest repairs or otherwise. When you need a helping hand, we’re the ones that you want to call, because we make the customer our top priority. For plumbing services that you can trust, contact our team today for information about our services or a free estimate on future repairs.

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